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All Invest Global is one of the leading real estate crowdfunding platforms in the world. Since 2015, All Invest Global has raised over €2.9 Billion Euros across from over 4,900 accredited and non-accredited investors. Our property investors make money through rental income, property sales and appreciation. We currently own 382 properties, have 48 properties under construction, and have previously sold 242 properties. You can invest in just one specific property for a monthly yield of 7% - 14%, or you can invest in All Invest Global's Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) which invest in all our available and future properties for an average monthly yield of 11.84%. The share price is €5,000 with a minimum purchase amount of just one share, and a maximum purchase amount of 40,000 shares or total value of €20,000,000 EUR.

All Invest Global identifies, acquires, and manages income producing properties that provide opportunities for investors to preserve capital investments, collect cash distributions, and future capital appreciation of the assets. All investment opportunities have been subject to a rigorous due diligence process. Only about 5% on them will make it to our investors. All Invest Global also owns fully licensed construction companies in the United States, Dubai, Canada, Spain, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. We do not operate like a normal construction company serving the general public, but instead we only construct properties for our investors for the purpose of renting and selling them.

There is no lock-in period, investors are free to exit the property at any point in time. Depending on how long you hold your shares, the value might be significantly higher, however in case of unforeseen circumstances where the property decreases in value, All Invest Global personally guarantees your initial investment/s by guaranteed buy back of shares at the same price you bought it. Therefore, we are the world's most safe real estate crowdfunding companies because you will make money, but you will never lose with us. We invest alongside the investors, this way you know, that our Team is sharing the risks with you and only best practises are conducted.

With our construction companies, we specialize in building luxury apartment buildings, commercial properties and luxury homes. We are committed to constructing the finest of luxurious properties built in the most attractive locations. All Invest Global provides innovative architectural solutions with unsurpassed craftsmanship. We plan, engineer and construct stunning homes from start to finish. The properties are built to last for generations, with high-quality building materials and innovative building methods that go far beyond what is required by building code. Our exquisite properties have earned praise from satisfied clients, from architects, and from fellow construction companies. This praise has molded our reputation as a premier property builder.

Real estate has historically been one of the best performing investment assets and a core part of many of the most successful investor’s portfolios. But investing in real estate (the way institutions do) traditionally hasn’t been available to most investors without either meeting high net worth requirements or going through a complex and inefficient process, riddled with high fees and outdated middlemen. All Invest Global makes high-quality real estate investments available to everyone at a low cost. Our goal is to build a better financial system for the individual investor — one that is simpler, more reliable, lower cost and transparent. We are changing the way to invest in real estate. Join us and turn your savings into earnings. Welcome to the future of real estate investing.

AIG's Real Estate Investment Trust

All Invest Global's REIT is a fully integrated equity real estate investment trust (REIT) that acquires, develops, redevelops, and manages properties located in supply-constrained markets in 18 countries. Our REIT creates enduring value through the ownership, operation and development of high-quality commercial and residential properties. Our principal investment objective is to provide our stockholders with attractive risk-adjusted returns through a combination of monthly dividends and net asset value accretion. We utilize an active portfolio management philosophy with the goal of preserving net asset value over a wide range of market scenarios.

Dividends are supported by the revenue generated from our net-leased real estate assets. We target properties located in significant markets or strategic locations in supply-constrained markets to ensure the viability of the real estate locations. We adopt six strategic drivers to grow our business, namely: Asset Enhancement, Management, Acquisition, Disposal, Development and Re-development. These six drivers complement each other by adding different capabilities at different points in time, and together they accelerate growth at various stages of AIG REIT's development, thereby building a more productive and higher quality portfolio.

We believe that value comes from creating spaces that improve how our tenants and communities come together to live, work, and connect. We strive to understand the needs of our tenants and manage our properties to the highest standard. We aspire to develop healthy, resilient communities through our dedication to social, economic, and environmental sustainability. In everything we do, we are guided by a shared set of values grounded in Care, Ownership, Respect and Excellence. Anyone can invest in All Invest Global’s REIT with a minimum investment of just €5,000, regardless of income level or net worth.

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€2.9 Billion Euros Invested
Returns: Up to 14% Since 2015
4,911 Investors
0% Capitals Losses
Currently Own: 382 Properties
Under Construction: 48 Properties
Previously Sold: 242 Properties
672 Funded Investment Projects
Guaranteed Buy Back of Shares
€5,000 Euros Minimum Investment

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Benefits of Investing In Real Estate

Stability: Real estate is less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500.
Cash Flow: Tenants pay monthly rent which covers expenses and provides cash flow to the owners.
Tax Benefits: Depreciation is a free tax write-off that allows you to keep more cash flow in your pocket.
Leverage: You can leverage real estate, allowing for the purchase of $100M with only $25M.
Appreciation: Real estate typically appreciates in value faster than inflation.
Amortization: Property cash flow services the debt which increases your equity, creating long-term wealth.

Trusted by Investors

Rob Williams - “I was so excited to finally find All Invest Global that allows me to diversify my portfolio into an area normally out of reach for the average investor like myself.”
Kevin Deligny: “I again want to reach out and thank you for your platform. Thank you for the time you spend reaching out to the investors.”
Miguel Sanchez: “All Invest Global enables the investor to invest directly in properties instead of the platform being the middleman and by doing so increase efficiency and ultimately returns.”
Nathan Foster: “All Invest Global allows me to participate in higher cash flow investments and diversify my portfolio with a few clicks of a button. They’ve made investing in real estate fun.”

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"The real estate market It cannot be lost, stolen, or transported. Purchased with common sense, paid in full and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world. " —Franklin D. Roosevelt - US President #32