All Invest Global's Franchise
One-Time Fee of $1,000

You will receive our website on your own unique domain name, for example with all over 100,000+ luxury listings and services. You can use our name or your own unique business name. We provide you with everything you need to achieve massive success, including personal mentorship, and we will be your dedicated business partner, walking you through every step to becoming very successful. You will receive the entire system for operating the business, marketing strategies, operating manuals and business advisory support. You can add, omit, change or customize any content on your franchise website as you wish. No office is required, the franchisee can work from home using only their computer. The All Invest Global Franchise is a one-time setup fee of $1,000. There are no additional monthly, yearly or recurring fees to keep your franchise.

Multiple Income Streams

1. Selling Luxury Properties & Items (Earn $25,000 to $100,000+ monthly)
As a global agent, you can earn large commissions by selling international properties and luxury items by simply being the first point of contact, which we show you how to do using free and paid methods.

2. Connect Businesses With Freelancers: (Earn $2,000 - $6,000 monthly)
Be a middleman between high-paying companies and freelancers. Earn large profits by simply connecting people. For example, if a company is seeking an App Developer, you can connect them to one and get a commission for that connection. We will teach you how to do this step by step.

3. Google Adsense: (Earn $500 - $3,000 monthly)
You can generate income by allowing Google to place ads on your website. Then, you get paid when someone clicks on those ads. It would help to learn a little more about Google Adsense and how it works to see why this method works for many websites. Google helps search engines find information on websites. The platform also helps businesses reach customers. As a website owner who provides information on a website, you can earn by having a site that attracts a certain level of engaged users. People and businesses use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to reach their audiences. When someone in your audience interacts with your ads, you win. Although Google Adsense is not the only game in town regarding advertising placement, it is the most popular and easiest.

4. Affiliate Marketing: (Earn $1,000 - $5,000 monthly)
Affiliate marketing has been around for quite some time. Still, it grabs headlines due to its substantial revenue-generating potential. First, you promote a product or service on your website and encourage your visitors to purchase it using your unique link. When they make a purchase, the company that owns the product or service offers you a portion of the sales price. There are thousands of companies who offer Affiliate Marketing Programs. Some of the biggest are CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, and ShareASale. You can also join big E-Commerce brands like Amazon.  Add as many affiliate marketing programs as you would like to your website. 

5. Advertising: (Earn $2,000 - $10,000 monthly)
The main advantage of online advertising over using more traditional marketing methods (like newspaper ads) is the ability to target specific groups of customers. Once you enter into a partnership with an advertisement network of your choice, the network sends you several code snippets (which is how the ads look on the backend side of things) and a set of instructions on how to implement them onto your site. Your site’s visitors will be shown relevant advertising banners to click on, an action that can earn you a small commission based on two main price models: cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mille (CPM). In the CPC model, advertisers pay publishers when a visitor clicks on the ad, whereas in the CPM advertising model, advertisers pay publishers when a visitor sees the ad but doesn’t necessarily click on it—which is also sometimes referred to as an ad impression.

6. List With Us: (Earn $100 - $300 monthly)
Earn $17 for each customer you make list an item on your website. All Invest Global is the world's largest luxury marketplace with 100,000+ Luxury Listings, 200+ Types of Investments, 400+ Business Services and 100+ Concierge Services. We have sold thousands of luxury listings and have millions of monthly visits to our websites and our franchisees websites giving sellers massive exposure.

7. Dropshipping: (Earn $2,000 - $10,000 monthly)
Dropshipping is a type of ecommerce business model where the seller does not manage an inventory of items, but instead processes orders through a third-party supplier who delivers them to the end customer. Compared to traditional retail, the business owner of a dropshipping service doesn’t even own or rent physical space for inventory and mainly relies on the manufacturer (or on a different wholesale business) to deliver the goods on-demand whenever an order is made through their website. You can add unlimited dropshipping products to your website.

8. Selling Your Site
When your site starts to make a decent buck and it happens to be in a popular niche, then you can easily list it for 25 to 30 times its monthly revenue. For example, if your site makes $1,500 per month, you can set the initial price at $37,500 and up to $45,000.


Although paid methods create new customers faster, we provide you with a variety of free ways to market your business. All you need is time. We win when you thrive. Our tools and industry knowledge are here to help you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur. Our system is designed to lighten your workload, expand your network and help you grow your company. We meet you where you are and get you where you want to be. Join our mission of defying mediocrity and delivering extraordinary experiences.

Our worldwide presence helps you expand your referral network and geographic footprint, as well as increase local visibility. One of the many things that makes All Invest Global different from other franchises is simply our people. We’re in a people business. From the first phone call or meeting and even after the deal is done, we’re here to build long-term, meaningful and win-win relationships. All Invest Global's community of agents and franchise owners is our greatest asset. They are inspired producers, continuously in pursuit of mastering their craft, building thoughtful relationships, and making their communities a better place to live.

Training & Support

Feel what it's like to be supported by educational events, personal growth consulting, a "Do it your way" culture, sophisticated technology, and a brand that speaks for itself. To stay on top, you need education that can keep up. Which is why we offer Broker 101 training, business development programs and online education that covers virtually every topic. Successful brokers need innovative tech. So we give you everything they’ll need to thrive. We love to serve. And helping franchisees is what we do every day. Achieving our goals by helping others achieve theirs.

At All Invest Global, the training never stops! As a franchisee, you have access to ongoing support that is second to none. Our team of Global Franchise Consultants and corporate staff are continually developing new and exciting ways to support you. We provide world-class training, deliver a full turnkey solution when opening your store, and are adept at finding the right site in the right location, overseeing the development to make it an All Invest Global store to be proud of. Training and development are a crucial part in building a successful business in any industry. Within All Invest Global, we are passionate about training to ensure you and your team are the best they can be for long-term prosperity. Our op’s excellence team are responsible for creating the tools and materials for the training and development of franchisee’s, store managers and team members. Owners will be privately mentored by a relationship manager who will give you unique methods and strategies to help you become more successful in business.

Why Us?

- We are an established and proven global brand
- Our robust franchise model is tried and tested with excellent profit potential
- World-class franchise support and business consulting. Our team is with you to make sure you’re at the top
- Build a valued asset. Join the family


- One-time setup fee of $1,000
- No additional monthly, yearly or recurring fees.
- 0% Commissions on sale on properties, items and services you were listed by you.
- $0 to Add your own properties, items or services.
- You pay 40% Commission on items or services we list that are sold by you.


We can customize the website as you wish, including:

- Putting website on your domain name.
- Changing contact details to yours.
- Changing name and logo to yours. (You are not required to use All Invest Global, choose any name you would like)
- Adding any features, products or services and design changes you want.
- You are free to advertise anything on your website including third party ads.

About Us

All Invest Global is the world's largest luxury marketplace with 100,000+ Luxury Listings, 200+ Types of Investments, 400+ Business Services and 100+ Concierge Services. We have done business with several governments, royal families, corporations, billionaires, professional athletes and celebrities. We are internationally recognized as a leading Full Service Luxury Brokerage Company, offering the finest and widest range of luxury goods and services. Our philosophy is simple: to give our clients the highest level of professional service of any company anywhere. We’ve been bringing buyers and sellers together since 2007 (previously called AIG Group). We bring the finest luxury items the world has to offer together in one venue and enable buyers to find items for sale and charter across the luxury lifestyle.

100,000 Luxury Listings

These are some of the services we offer:

63,555 Luxury Homes For Sale In 120 Countries
8,411 Luxury Homes For Rent In 120 Countries
8,681 Commercial Properties For Sale

For Sale

Precious Metals (12,454)
Luxury Cars (1,314)
Furniture (1,147)
Yachts (1007)
Land (931)
Businesses (715)
Luxury Watches (686)
Classic Cars (576)
Boats (538)
Jewellery (526)
Hand Bags (392)
Antique Books (284)
Jets (230)
Antiques (225)
Sculptures (147)
Helicopters (130)
Art (127)
Wine (116)
Diamonds (106)
Motorcycles (87)
Antiques Clocks (65)
Experiences (33)
Submarines (30)
Private Islands (20)
Collectibles (17)
Cruise Ships (16)

Concierge Services

Lifestyle Management
Personal Assistants
Corporate Concierge
Travel Planning
VIP Events

Investment Services

Mutual Funds
Treasury Securities
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Gold ETFs
Gold Stocks
Hedge Funds
Index Funds
Managed Futures
Money Market Accounts
Money Market Mutual Funds
Capital Market Investments
Group Buying
Financial Derivatives
Buying Company
Commercial Property
Frac. Ownership Residences Club
Frac. Ownership Jets
Frac. Ownership Yachts
Parking Spaces
Precious Metals
Real Estate

Alternative Investments

Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Venture Capital
Trading Cards
Start Ups
Vending Machines
Rare Coins
Musical Instruments
Rare Books
Domain names
Classic Cars
Family Office
Portfolio Management
Financial Advisor
Concierge Services
Business Services
Succession Planning
Tax And Estate Planning
Wealth Planning
Wealth Management
Legacy Planning
Corporate Planning
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Purchase Franchise

The All Invest Global Franchise is a one-time setup fee of $1,000. There are no additional monthly, yearly or recurring fees to keep your franchise.  Your franchise website ( will be live in just 4 to 5 days. After payment, we will contact you for your personal customizations of your franchise.

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