Investing In Collectibles

The term collectibles is a catchall category for antiques, art, autographs, baseball cards, clocks, coins, comic books, dolls, gems, photographs, rare books, rugs, stamps, vintage wine, writing utensils, and a whole host of other items. Collectible investments are physical objects — tangible assets that have the potential to appreciate in value and diversify your investment portfolio.Collectibles can be anything that anyone collects, but a few categories offer reliable returns, such as stamps, coins, toys, fine art, and sneakers.Collectibles are illiquid, unregulated, and often opaquely priced, so investors should collect not just for profit, but for enjoyment.

As with any investment, there are no guarantees which will appreciate and which will not. And because they are so diverse, collectibles are an extremely unpredictable group. Sometimes the most throw-away items are the ones whose prices skyrocket, while hyped-up items like Beanie Babies soar one year, then become almost entirely worthless. Still, there are some collectibles that are considered pretty savvy investments, year in and year out. They have some or all of the qualities investors crave: reputable, liquid, transparent, or trackable. Naturally, the value of any individual item will always be based heavily on its rarity, how close to mint condition it is, and whether you can find a buyer — all factors which create quite a bit of variance.

That said, it's an asset class that has immense potential for growth. So if you can find a category of tangibles where your passions overlap with a promising profit opportunity, start curating your own unique collection. It can be an incredibly rewarding experience — in all senses of the word.

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