A bulk purchase is when a group of individuals work with All Invest Global to purchase together. By purchasing as a group, each participant saves up to 45% or more off the cost of their item. All Invest Global in bulk every 90 days. All Invest Global buying program uses the combined buying power of our member co-ops to save you money and guarantee a high level of quality and service. Each participant gets the lowest prices even if he only buys one item. All orders take 70 - 90 days before shipment as we buy in bulk every 90 days.

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The big problem

Suppliers love to sell product to small businesses but don’t like managing thousands of individual orders, invoices and payments.

In Other Words More supplier overhead creates higher prices for retailers

Growing pains

Suppliers oversee thousands of individual small business accounts with basic services like ordering, invoicing and payments. This causes pricing to be higher for small retailers than for their big box competitors.

The bigger solution

We combine independent retailers onto a single software platform to form one large national account for suppliers to work with.

In Other Words Simpler operations, better terms

One & done

We’re able to drastically simplify ordering, invoicing and payments for both Suppliers & Retailers using a single platform.

Why You'll Love It One platform does it all

Central ordering has never been easier with our electronic purchase tools.

All Invest Global makes it easy to place orders with all of your vendors any time, any place.

  • Suppliers
  • Free online ordering platform for your business
  • Market your latest products and offers
  • Sync with your ERP system for easy processing
  • Retailers
  • View all of your suppliers' online catalogs
  • Make your business smarter by seeing product trends and insights
  • Easily place orders 24/7 using our web or mobile app

Our happy customers

All Invest Global brings together some of the top suppliers and independent small businesses from across the nation. We strive to create long-term partnerships with our customers and become their number one trusted source for tools that make their business run better.

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When great things come together

We connect suppliers and retailers by bringing them together onto one common platform.