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Gold Advertising Package - $2,000

We have sold thousands of homes and luxury items and have 1 Million Monthly Visits to our websites and our franchisees websites. We bring together buyers and sellers of Properties For Sale, Properties For Rent, Jets, Yachts, Cars, Private Islands, Buildings, Helicopters, Businesses For Sale, Land, Cruise Ships, Submarines, Precious Metals, Art, Clocks, Wine, Watches, Sculptures, Furniture, Antiques, Diamonds, Jewelry, Hand Bags, and Classic Cars. While every agent/broker/website out there promises they will find you a buyer, the reality is that this simply does not always happen. For many agents/brokers/websites finding buyers can be difficult, some of their properties and items stay on the market months even years. This is because most of them only work in a local market, which limits their reach to global buyers.

We have a very large global audience because we advertise on several platforms including online, in magazines, on television, in Cinemas, on billboards and several other mediums and platforms. We have been bringing thousands of luxury buyers and sellers together by providing them with the simplest and most cost-effective route to selling luxury items online, and saving them thousands of dollars each in the process. Get an extraordinary amount of exposure in a trusted luxury environment tailored to create a unique perception. 90% of all buyers seeking Real Estate or luxury items search online, our website assists independent sellers by increasing their exposure from a local market to a worldwide audience. When working with brokers, the total commissions paid out can be up to 3% - 6% of the sales price. We only charge you $60 to list your property or item with us, no monthly or renewal fees - no commission or additional fees if sold. Your listing will be active on our website until it is sold, no monthly or renewal fees required. Come see why All Invest Global has done business with several governments, corporations, billionaires, celebrities and is internationally recognized as a leading Full Service Luxury Brokerage Company.

Gold Advertising Package - $2,000

With our Gold Advertising Package, we will use $600 of your payment to put paid targeted advertising for people searching for items like yours. You will have access to see how and where the $600 is being spent and all its results. Besides ours, we will list your home, car or item on over 300 - 500 websites (depending on the item - Some items are have more websites to list on than others.) We will assign you a personal staff member who will be responsible for listing your item and managing the paid advertisements. We will keep you constantly updated on what websites your items is being posted to as well as show you which websites your paid advertising is displaying on. We will manage the entire advertising campaign for you vigorously to ensure that your home, car, yacht or item is sold as quickly as possible. We have sold thousands of homes and luxury items, we are the company you have been looking for. If you would like to purchase our Gold Advertising Package or have any questions about it, feel free to contact us.

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