Fractional Yachts

Fractional ownership is exactly what it sounds like—you buy a piece of the yacht, instead of owning it from stem to stern. But don’t mistake this arrangement for a time-share. With a time-share you only purchase the rights of property usage for a certain amount of time. When the time is over, so is your investment. But with fractional ownership, you legally own the asset and can transfer or sell it. Just what portion of the yacht you own can vary, in some case from a mere 10-percent to over 50-percent.

Not only does fractional ownership cut costs, but it also cuts down on your time investment. We handle the yacht’s management, so you don’t have to worry about lining up contractors or dealing with maintenance when the boat is in the yard, or at a distant port. You can sell your share of ownership at any time. Since fractional yachts are well-maintained and serviced, the value of your share may not devalue as rapidly as an average yacht’s value. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced since they get split among the owners. You will be able to use a different yacht, to enjoy a different location as we maintain fleets and allow owners to use different yachts of the same approximate value. Select from one of our fractional yacht ownership offers of a specific boat in a specific location. Enjoy 5% annual return and hassle-free ownership with up to 5 weeks of sailing time on your yacht or a similar one.

Maintenance of your yacht will meet the most rigorous industry standards at no cost to you. Our team of professionals, in accordance with precise guidelines, will inspect your vessel and perform all work. At the end of the charter program contract, we will sell the boat. Profits are divided among the shareholders. Our yacht brokers are sailing enthusiasts and yacht owners themselves. They can walk you through the selection of your dream boat and an ownership program that best suits your goals and situation.

Interested In Investing A Share In A Yacht?

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