USA EB5 & E2 Visa Programs

USA EB5 Investor Visa
The EB5 Visa is classified as an immigrant investment visa, effectively rewarding investors and their spouses and children under 21 with permanent residency. Citizenship by naturalization is also possible.

The whole application process lasts about two years, with the applicant required to make a minimum capital investment of $900,000 in a United States enterprise.

USA E2 Visa
The E2 non-immigrant visa rewards investors with work permits in the US, provided that a substantial investment is made in an enterprise. Benefits include a quick visa processing timeframe, the ability for the investor to live in the US along with his family, and a lower investment threshold (roughly $100,000). Note, the E2 can only be obtained by nationals holding an E2 treaty with the USA, and obtaining a green card is not a given.