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All Invest Global Full Management

Why do you need a yacht manager ?

Because a luxury yacht is as complex as a large business, the maritime legislation is forever changing, and can place you in embarrassing situations which only professionals can anticipate and help you to avoid.

It’s also the best way to ensure that your yacht maintenance is being tightly monitored, and that your yacht is being operated and administered with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Enjoy and make the most of your yacht freely and without stress.

Why All Invest Global?

All Invest Global has gathered and trained an outstanding team of multilingual yachting professionals, offering the most comprehensive services and highest professionalism.

Each of All Invest Global members is a specialist in his field. Having had extensive experiences at sea as deck officers, marine engineers and captains, we fully understand yacht owner’s expectations.

We know all the issues that may emerge on a large and busy ship, so we anticipate potential problems and deal with them as soon as possible, giving a total peace of mind to our clients.

“Enjoy your yacht in absolute peace of mind, All Invest Global is her Manager”

Benefit from the most dedicated and personalized Full Management Service with All Invest Global.

Most of our competitors have up to 15 yachts for each manager. Our approach is to reduce this number to 5 yachts per manager only, which enables us to provide one of the most successful and personalized yacht management. We also believe in the importance of a good and clear communication between management companies, their clients and their captains and crew.

For Gaspard and his team, YOU ARE OUR BEST CUSTOMER!

At All Invest Global, we commit to anticipate and respond to any and all your yacht needs, providing all services whether they are administrative, technical, financial or crew related, serving the interest of each client by all means.

Our ambition is to manage our clients interests at best, by reducing costs at every level without lowering the quality standards. Representing a yacht fleet, and having an unequaled network of suppliers and subcontractors, All Invest Global can get incomparable prices for top quality services and products: we are the first and only professional in yacht management doing High quality at Reduced price!

Yachts under All Invest Global’ management can also benefit at any time and at no cost of the services of a department of All Invest Global created in 2011 under the brand name: “Captains’ Concierge”, which is entirely dedicated to assist yachts with their berth reservations, provisions, fuel, crew placement, technical support and concierge service 24/7. This activity has allowed us to build a network of suppliers, partners and subcontractors that no other management or brokerage agency has ever built.

Of course, all our clients benefit from the discounts given to us by these partners. Our team has the specific knowledge and experience to find a proper solution, reducing downtime and costs. Our relationships with entities such as Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, ABS, MCA, and many Flag Registry Offices enable us to anticipate their requirements, and therefore cut down time and cost of their inspections.

All Invest Global

will provide the management that will suit you best and at the best price! We are proud to say that we can significantly reduce your annual costs! Contact us for a free cost analysis of your yacht!…
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