Logo Design

We will provide you with 5 designs based on your industry. If you have any ideas about how you would like your logo, we can implent them in different desgins. We can also brainstorm logos for you based on your industry.

Your logo is a representation of your company, it needs to be simple and visible to disingish in the smallest sizes like on your business card. We try to make iconic logos that stand out amoung your competitiors. A logo that speaks the idea of your business to your customer.

Logos like Mercedes Benz, BMW, ... are so recordniable that you immediately know the companies before you see their names. We will have five great names for you within 24-72 hours and if you are not completly satisfied, we will provide three more free of charge. If you are still not totally satisfied we will refund 100% of your payment making it a totally risk free transaction. Let us find your right logo today and tell us all the ideas you have and we will get to work.

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