Accept Credit Cards

Accepting credit cards is vital to every business. It allow customers to immedaitely pay you rather than wire transfer or checks.

Customers feel safe paying by credit card because they are able to get a refund if they are not satisfied with the goods or services provided. It is sometimes difficult for merchants to find a way to process credit cards espeacially if they live in a country where the banks have more restrictions than the US and European countries.

We will find the right Merchant account for you and also provide alternatives so you can compare prices and find the best rates. Some merchant accounts can have the payment in your account in as little as one day and some take up to 7 days.

Some do not accept American Express and some of have more userfriendly userfaces than others. All these factors have to be considered when choosing the right merchant account for you. We will lay out of these options based on your country and provide them to you within just 3-5 days.

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