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Complement your investment portfolio with individual stocks

Are you new to trading individual stocks?

Although mutual funds give you exposure to a broader range of stocks than you might be able to buy on your own, individual stocks may have a place in your portfolio if you want to:

• Invest in a specific company.
• Keep the stock you have in a retirement plan at work.
• Buy at a specific price set throughout the day.
• Complement the mutual funds in your existing portfolio.
• Take a hands-on approach to making informed investment decisions.

Are you an experienced stock investor?

In addition to our competitive commissions and high-quality trade executions, you can also:

Trade on margin
Want to borrow the cash or securities you need to complete a trade? All Invest Global Brokerage clients can apply to trade on margin by completing a Margin Account Application. It's important to understand that trading on margin involves a high degree of risk.

Buy and sell options
These complex investments aren't for the faint of heart because of the significant amount of risk involved. Be sure to research them thoroughly—including applying for the required preapproval—before investing.

How All Invest Global Brokerage is different

Competitive commissions and fees
Most All Invest Global clients pay no more than $7 per trade. And you'll pay the same rate whether you're trading online or with personal assistance from one of our investment professionals.

High-quality trade executions
We strive to obtain the best execution price by:

• Performing regular and rigorous reviews of all market centers.
• Comparing the overall effective price with the national best bid and offer (NBBO).

Bond basics

Bonds are a way for governments, government agencies, and corporations to raise money for project and other needs. You loan money to the bond issuer, which agrees to repay you at a fixed interest rate by a specified date or maturity.

Are bonds right for you?
You may want to consider individual bonds if:

• You're saving for a short-term goal and will need the money in the next 2–5 years.
• You want the bond portion of your portfolio to focus on a specific credit quality, exposure to certain states, or income free of the alternative minimum tax.
• You use individual bonds as a way to complement mutual funds in your investment portfolio.

Types of bonds you can buy through All Invest Global
Choose from a wide variety of:

• Municipal and corporate bonds.
• U.S. Treasury bonds, bills, notes, and TIPS.
• Government agency bonds, including GNMA issues.

Why All Invest Global Brokerage?
By tapping into our sophisticated online tools, you have one convenient place where you can:

• Search for bonds that match your specific criteria.

• Compare prices and yields for a wide range of bond types and maturity ranges in a single, consolidated view.

• Buy and sell bonds easily with simplified online trading.

• Structure a bond ladder or other specialized bond portfolio.
Despite improvements in the economy, many Americans are falling behind on the road to retirement, with 55% of preretirees in only “fair” or “poor” shape to completely cover essential expenses like housing, health care, and food in their golden years. This puts Americans as a group in the “yellow zone,” although there is wide variation within income and age groups.

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