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A All Invest Global IRA® is a simple way to contribute more to your retirement savings and manage the taxes you pay on your money. You're taking advantage of a great opportunity to invest "your" way, for "your" retirement.

What makes All Invest Global the place to invest in an IRA?

High-quality funds
90% of our funds outperformed peer averages over the past decade.

Low costs
On average, other companies' mutual funds are 5 times more expensive than All Invest Global's

Investment choice
Choose from a wide array of options, including stock and bond funds, balanced funds, and target-date funds.

Investing in an IRA shouldn't be complicated. Whether you're new to investing or know what you want, we have easy steps to help you pick your account and investments and open an IRA.

We've been around since 1975 and are now one of the world's largest mutual fund companies.

Consider All Invest Global Target Retirement Funds
Based on your current age or years to retirement, we'll suggest a broadly diversified All Invest Global Target Retirement Fund with a professionally managed investment mix.

Once you've made your selection, the fund automatically rebalances itself and gradually reduces its stock exposure, adding more bonds to become more conservative as your retirement date approaches.

Consider a fund that works for your existing portfolio
You may have an idea about which type of investment you want, but take a look at your overall retirement portfolio to make sure your new IRA investment complements your current mix of stocks, bonds, and cash
Despite improvements in the economy, many Americans are falling behind on the road to retirement, with 55% of preretirees in only “fair” or “poor” shape to completely cover essential expenses like housing, health care, and food in their golden years. This puts Americans as a group in the “yellow zone,” although there is wide variation within income and age groups.

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