Hire A Specialist

Think you want a well-rounded? New research suggests the more valuable hire might be someone who can do one thing--but do it really well.

Why You Need A Specialists

To illustrate this point, consider one large manufacturing firm that made products for high temperature industrial applications. Upon purchasing raw material, the firm trimmed, formed, cut, stamped, rolled, polished, fastened, and welded the pieces together to achieve their end products. Because of their high-temperature end market applications, the materials the firm used went by names that most folks have never heard of – Rene, Haynes, Hastalloy – not the kind of things you can Google and learn all there is to know about them.

Working with these unique materials was their core business. And while the firm employed highly experienced engineers and manufacturing gurus, they did not employ a single specialist – a metallurgist, a welding expert or a material scientist – who possessed deep knowledge or expertise of the exotic materials they used. Prior requests of management has been declined. “We’ve worked with these materials for years, we know what we are doing” they said.

“A great employee does not replace the value of a subject matter expert.”

In 2012, when customers began complaining their parts were failing prematurely, the firm launched a massive hunt for the root cause. Shortly into the investigation, a major quality issue related to a “standard” manufacturing process was discovered. When outside consultants were eventually brought in, it did not take them long to provide a few key pieces of information. “This material is highly susceptible to this condition, if a series of special processes are not used” they said. Despite the years of experience within the manufacturing firm, this single piece of specialized knowledge was simply absent from the organization.

Aside from the extraordinary expenses associated with compressed manufacturing trials, product testing, expedited shipping, and the hiring of outside consultants, the firm incurred a tremendous opportunity cost. Namely, by devoting a large number of employees to resolving the crisis, the firm missed out on several new opportunities where those same employees could have spent their time developing new products to help grow the business. During the 9-month investigation, the firm spent over $10M dollars (8% of its annual sales) investigating and correcting the problem. Finally, aside from the financial impact, the business lost a great deal of credibility from many of their long-term customers.

How we can help

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