Election Campaign Management Company

Every candidate and their campaign team needs to find a political campaign management company that is right for them, and that helps them form a strategy to reach their goals in the most efficient and professional manner. All Invest Global does just that, supporting candidates with all the latest technology, tools, and communication capabilities in a unique combination of professional consultation and online management software. We offer campaign teams the opportunity to create and market a strategy that will help their candidate ensure a win.

All Invest Global's strategy management begins with a software component that allows campaign teams to view where likely voters reside throughout their jurisdiction, even narrowing it down to the precinct level and displaying voters on a map. This layout also includes voter profiles, letting candidates know voters' age, gender, voting history, and party affiliation. Candidates can even view the party affiliations of entire households, enabling them to decide which areas of their jurisdiction are top priorities.

But the superior services of our political campaign management company don't just end there. Candidates are also provided with unique software, which allows them to track every voter in their jurisdiction, easily adding information on them whenever and wherever. This information is available to anyone in the campaign team who requires it, and voters can even receive tags in the database labeling what kinds of volunteer work they are willing to do.

Campaign teams can even use the voter tagging system to send out email blasts through the All Invest Global Interspire system. Because All Invest Global is the superior political campaign management company, we allow candidates to send as many mass emails to their constituents as they need to, whenever they need to, with no additional charge. Candidates can simply select the voter tag or tags to be targeted by their email blast, and then send it, effortlessly communicating with entire precincts at the click of a button.

Other features of All Invest Global's political campaign management company include our hands-on professional services, which help candidates with management strategies such as marketing, advertising, social media, and much more. We work with campaign teams to communicate with the candidate's electorate in a strategic manner, even creating a fullyintegrated website where the candidate can make blog posts, show off pictures, and let constituents sign up for mailing lists or participate in online polls.

All Invest Global's team of professionals brings a lot to the table, including election-tested strategy management that covers every part of a campaign during each of its phases. Our superior political campaign management company allows candidates to build a strategy that works for them. No matter what they're campaigning for, it is essential that everyone on the team can support and stick to the ultimate goal of Winning!

Why All Invest Global?

Because Getting Elected is great. Staying Elected is even better.

Let's face it, there is nothing more euphoric than getting that Election Night phone call from a defeated opponent. It's that one call you always want to receive and should never have to make. Making sure that you are the one receiving that call is what drives All Invest Global to be the most unique political services company in the nation.

We are the only company that offers the exclusive combination of sophisticated technology and senior political services targeted to state and local candidates and office holders; all at a cost designed to fit your legislative and campaign budgets! And, unlike the current technology companies in the marketplace, we don't just sell you our software platform, wish you good luck and then head out the door.

For our clients, the sale is where our service begins. From day one, our team of experts are with you year 'round to ensure that all required voter and constituent strategies are in place for the next election campaign.

We are there to orchestrate effective and consistent constituent outreach throughout your term. And we are in place to communicate all your campaign initiatives once re-election operations begin.

So, unlike those traditional campaign technology companies, everything you need to Get Elected, Stay Elected is yours with All Invest Global.

Our Products and Services include:

Campaign and Constituent Software
Donor Management and Fundraising Services
Media Strategies and Implementation
Campaign, Legislative and Advocacy Services
Constituent and Campaign Communication Services
Social Media Implementation and Strategies
Website Integration

But make no mistake about it, we are proud of our local-centric business model. Our passion comes from the experiences we learned at the state and local levels. Our mission is to provide all the necessary products and services that until All Invest Global was launched, only national candidates could afford. All Invest Global is a new paradigm in political services companies. We take your goals and aspirations very seriously.